Create a Haven for Your Child

Create a Haven for Your Child

In the final instalment of our fabulous Jeanette Holmes interior design tips, the leading Yorkshire-based designer explains why it is so important to create a haven for your child.

“All kids love their own space once they get to a certain age.  A bedroom should be somewhere that they want to go whether it be to sleep, play, read or just chill out.  It certainly shouldn’t be somewhere that they feel they are banished to or don’t feel comfortable in.

“It is essential to create a special haven where they can feel happy to dress-up, play with their favourite toys, or just generally make a mess!  Try and encourage the kids to contribute to the styling of their rooms – that way it will really feel like it’s their space and they’ll love spending time there.

“Lighting is very important, and using dimmable lighting and soft night lights will help to achieve a calm, restful space.  Night lights are especially important if your kids are a little afraid of the dark.”

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