Forget 50 - It's Every Shade of Grey for 2013!

Forget 50 - It's Every Shade of Grey for 2013!

Grey is tipped to be the hottest colour in 2013 by leading interior designer, Jeanette Holmes. From rich charcoals to delicate silvers, grey will feature in wallpapers, paint shades, soft furnishings and accessories.

Jeanette, who is creating some fantastic show homes for us using the scheme, says: “Contrary to popular belief, grey is a fantastic colour to work with and its versatility means it can be adapted to create contrasting looks.

“Pair it with citrine yellow and a vibrant, striking look will be achieved or opt for muted shades of pink or orange for a restful idyll.”

In addition to the top colour trends, 2013 will see a shift in the emphasis we place on material goods with more of us opting for fewer costly accessories – choosing ones that have meaning to them creating individual and unique homes.

“Creating a great looking home is no longer about designer accessories and the best money can buy,” said Jeanette. “Homes should reflect the personality of its inhabitants and whilst it is worth investing in things like quality furniture and floor coverings, placing an emphasis on accessorising with sentimental items would really give your home a unique identity.”

Other top tips include:

 - multiple accessorising; why use one vase or mirror when you have room for two or three?

 - statement walls that can be created through innovative use of wallpaper to create feature panels and emphasise focal points, such as headboards and sofas in the room.

“The ground rules of deciding which style works best for you is still critical to the success of any scheme,” said Jeanette. “Using interesting key accessories teamed with well proportioned furniture and a mixture of good lighting and you have the basic ingredients for creating a stunning, well balanced home that’s stylish and functional.”