Keep Calm and Cosy On

Keep Calm and Cosy On

With the recent price hikes from the top six energy providers in the UK and Christmas just around the corner, we are all looking for ways to save money.

Energy bills take a significant chunk out of the typical family’s annual budget and with no sign of energy costs slowing down, identifying easy and effective ways in keeping costs down is growing in popularity.
As a builder of new homes, our properties include many energy efficient features such as smart meters, double glazing and insulation.

However, if you live in an older property, there are some easy ways to help cut the cost of your energy bills.

Ensuring your loft is insulated is one of the most efficient ways to prevent heat from escaping. The Energy Saving Trust recommend a depth of 270mm for maximum savings but no need to worry if you have less as it is easy to top up and can save you up to £25 a year on heating your home.

Double glazing is found on all of our new homes but if you are living in an older property, it is recommended you upgrade to double glazed windows. In total this will save you around £165 a year compared to a single glazed property. If the initial outlay is too much, a quick and easy way to keep in the heat is to fit heavy lined curtains that fall to the floor.

Replacing traditional light bulbs around your home with energy saving fluorescent bulbs can save not only energy but also save you money as they are known to last longer than the average bulb.

Cracks and leaks in door frames, window frames and even walls can use up energy without you even knowing. Examine areas where things meet – i.e. around chimneys, corners and electrical sockets – and ensure that they are well sealed. Sealant is widely available and is an easy way to save. Remember to form a good seal around doors and windows as they are the main escape areas.

Everyone is guilty of it, but also remember to turn all electrical equipment off and unplug the device when finished using it – no leaving them on standby! It is estimated that leaving devices on standby accounts for 8% of an electricity bill.

Be sure to check and implement these solutions before the winter chill really bites and ensure your home is kept cosy for you and your family this winter.