A Better Place

A Better Place

We are very excited about the launch of our new sustainability strategy, A Better Place.

Sustainable development is a really important part of our business as it offers great benefits not only to ourselves but also those who buy and live in our homes. Over the past 12 months we have closely reviewed our strategy to ensure it continues to be relevant. 

This involved carrying out in-depth research with a range of our stakeholders – including customers, employees, supply chain, shareholders, professional bodies and Government – to identify the economic, social and environmental issues which matter most to them.

From this research, and taking into account our own business needs and objectives, we will now focus our efforts on delivering against 18 key issues between now and 2020. These issues are wide ranging in scope and include customer satisfaction, communication & engagement, economy, ecology & biodiversity employment & education, waste and wellbeing.

We were really pleased to learn from our research that there’s real enthusiasm amongst our stakeholders to be involved in helping us achieve the ambitious goals we have set ouselves; we are keen to harness that enthusiasm to support the delivery of our strategy.

We will measure our success on an ongoing basis and report each year on the progress we have made. We will also review the structure of our strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure that it continues to be relevant for all of our stakeholders

This strategy will shape the way we approach every aspect of our work over the next seven years and through it we will do all we can to preserve the physical environment, create communities that flourish and build quality homes for generations to come in order to create A Better Place.