Design Tips for Great Children's Rooms

Design Tips for Great Children's Rooms

We’ve teamed up with leading Yorkshire-based interior designer, Jeanette Holmes to bring you a series of great design tips for decorating children’s bedrooms.  Jeanette has worked closely with us in recent months on the interior design of some of our show homes, and she really knows her stuff!

This week she has given her advice on how to create age-appropriate spaces for your little ones.

“I think it’s really important to create different styles for different growing years.  It would be unfair for a teenage girl to still have the ‘Barbie’-themed bedroom that she had as an 8 year old!

“It’s great too if kids can be involved in the creation of their own space and style; so if possible you should allow them to have some input when decorating their bedroom.”

“Calming neutral and pastel colours work best in the nursery, along with soft textures.  These themes work well for both girls and boys, and not only do they create a soothing environment for baby, but for mum too!"

“As they start to develop and grow, children need a little more space to ‘find their feet’.  Their rooms can be tailored around their developing interests and favourite characters and toys.

“Popular colour schemes for toddlers, particularly boys, are bright primary colours; reds, blues and yellows.  These are visually stimulating, and teamed with interactive toys such as building blocks and learning games create a vibrant bedroom/playroom environment.

“As for girls, vibrant lilacs and pinks dominate many colour schemes, and themes around princesses and fairies continue to be very fashionable.”

“By this time the children will have already established their own identities and styles, and will no doubt be ‘wannabe’ pop stars, footballers or racing car drivers! 

“There are so many schemes and ideas for young children, ranging from ballet-themed rooms for girls or Ferrari for boys.  I think it’s important at this age to let children use their imagination and show interest in designing their own rooms.  After all, this will be their haven where imagination can run riot and dreams are made.”

“As the kids grow into their teenage years, it’s important to try and adapt their room to allow space for a desk or workstation for homework and gaming consoles.

“A place where friends can come for a sleep-over will be appreciated; so pull-out beds are a great idea.  Their bedrooms at this age should cater for their individual needs and hobbies, even if this means including a drum kit unfortunately!

“Teenagers love a space to ‘hang out’ with their friends and to read, chill, play music and just generally be themselves.  Trendy schemes featuring their favourite hobbies or bands are always a popular choice.”