A Perfect Alternative to Dreaded Bank Holiday DIY

A Perfect Alternative to Dreaded Bank Holiday DIY

With an estimated 13% of all DIY projects going wrong there is little wonder that the prospect of Bank Holiday DIY fills home owners with dread!

And the cost implications are huge. It takes around £169m to sort out those mishaps and around 220000 people end up seeking hospital treatment every year for accidents that occur in the home.

If your current home is in need of some significant home improvements it may be worth considering purchasing a new home and putting a stop to never-ending DIY for some considerable time.

Owning a brand new home may be more achievable than you think – and it might be a better investment than correcting DIY disasters! Just imagine not having to tackle those large scale projects and instead spending your precious time merely plumping a cushion or two or enjoying the more pleasurable interior design aspect of making your brand new home your own.

We have a number of developments across the UK with a variety of incentives to help homeowners onto or up the property ladder – might just be a better way to spend your Bank Holiday weekend!

Steve McElroy
Sales Director
Miller Homes Yorkshire