Why I am on a high today..

Why I am on a high today..

Today I picked up just about the best piece of news I have heard all year.  Nine out of ten people who buy a new home would recommend their builder to their friend.  Ok news that bankers have relaxed lending criteria might have been a bit better but you cant have everything in life can you?

Now those of you who have read our previous blogs will be aware of just how much we (Miller Homes) value not just the bricks and mortar of housebuilding but the creation of communities nationwide. We pride ourselves on creating houses that are more than just somewhere to live but are a home for life.

As such we were the first housebuilder to publish a customer charter and the first to publish our satisfaction scores for the world to see.  We update these results every quarter and at the last count an amazing 96.8% of our customers nationally told independent researchers that they would recommend Miller Homes to their best friend.

Customer care has long been the corner stone of our operating philosophy.  We have picked up dozens of awards and our name is now synonymous with buyer satisfaction.

Why then would we be happy that others are following in our footsteps?  Simple.  One negative buyer experience reflects badly on the entire industry.  There was once a time when the new homes industry was viewed with contempt and distrust by great swathes of the British population but no more. 

I believe that we have pioneered and I am thrilled that others have followed.

By Sue Warwick - National Sales & Marketing Director Miller Homes