What can we learn from the house buyers of the future?

What can we learn from the house buyers of the future?

As a housebuilder we are continually committed to coming up with new designs and exciting innovations to improve our portfolio of new homes.

Whether it is our award-winning range of eco-friendly properties or the latest design for a new four bedroom family home we are always on the lookout for fresh and original ideas.

Last month we asked a primary school in Stone to draw how they thought homes would look in fifty years’ time – and the results blew us away! After all who’s better qualified to give us some unique ideas than the home buyers of the future?

You can see from the pictures that the ideas were pretty impressive and certainly original. With about 30 entries ranging from solar panels on roofs to the weird and wonderful garages for floating cars it was hard to pick a winner. But for us one really stood out.

We could really see ourselves living in Sam Keeling’s home of the future. Eight year old Sam designed a bright red eco-home shaped like a hamburger with solar panel roofing and a fingerprint door locking system. Sam had clearly thought his design through and I’m sure we’ll see many of his home’s features in the years to come.

So thanks to the wonderfully imaginative pupils at Manor Hill Primary School we’re now fully equipped with stacks of ideas to get us through the next fifty years of housebuilding. We look forward to sharing some of them with you at development launches in the future!

 By Ann Crick Southern Sales Director – Miller Homes