Our Survey Says... Buyers are Ignoring Negative Headlines

As you may know after reading some of my blogs I like to think of myself as a bit of an optimist. So when we commissioned our consumer research to find out how Brits were really feeling about the property market I was hoping for some positive news. And guess what I got my wish.

Our survey polled over five thousand potential home buyers and existing home owners and over a quarter of them said that the credit crunch has made no difference to how they view the property market. Not a bad statistic considering the traumas that buyers have faced since circa 2008.

Thats not to say that people havent been affected by the change in the property landscape  half of our survey respondents said that they are more cautious about debt and just 17 per cent said that they would be prepared to accept an inferior home to get into less debt. This shows that at a time when affordability is key the public believes that excellence really matters which is in keeping with Miller''s philosophy of providing quality homes quality service and value for money.

On the flip side though nearly six per cent of the population are still willing to borrow the maximum amount possible to get the home of their dreams.

To me the results of our survey show up some real rays of sunshine from our nations house buying public. People still have aspirations to own their own home and although the banking crisis has perhaps re-educated people on their attitude towards debt buyers are still willing to make sacrifices to purchase the home of their dreams despite the plethora of negative headlines about the property market that continue to dog the press. Now that really is something worth smiling about.

Weve even commissioned a special episode of Miller Homes TV to guide viewers through our rather enlightening survey results. Visit www.millerhomes.tv to view the latest episode on Miller Home very own online TV channel.

Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing DirectorMiller Homes