Live and let to buy..

With many people struggling to sell their existing home in the current market could let to buy be a viable option?

Perhaps the forgotten relative of the mortgage family let to buy mortgages were more popular back in the early 90's.  Not quite the same as buy to let; a let to buy mortgage allows you to borrow money to buy a new home to move into whilst your existing property is rented to tenants.

To those entrepreneurs amongst you this will sound very appealing. And in theory it is.  You get to move into a new home and become a landlord at the same time.

But don't get too excited just yet!  There are still a very limited number of let to buy mortgages out there and I've seen some eye-watering rates attached to those available.  Lending criteria is as strict as ever and don't forget the risks involved in letting a property.

How about considering an alternative? MiSwap is our very own home exchange scheme which offers a great (and hassle free) way for people to exchange their existing home for a brand new Miller home.

If your property meets the qualification criteria for our MiSwap scheme you will not only have the benefit of a guaranteed buyer for your current home but you'll also be on the move in no time at all thanks to our dedicated team of sales advisors who will guide you every step of the way.

All that remains is for you to choose your brand new home and let us do the rest.

So before you start looking at building your very own empire why not relax for a while and enjoy one of our fabulous new homes.

Andy Moorhead Marketing manager @ Miller Homes