At the heart of the home

At the heart of the home

Last week results from our latest Facebook poll answered a much debated topic in the Miller Homes office -what is the favourite room in your house?

It is true that as a nation we love our homes. A man or woman’s home is his or her castle. But even within that castle we have our favourite rooms.

Our social media community answered this question for us and looking back the results were not surprising.

As a nation we remain positive about our home-owning dreams. Even during dark economic times sure and steady optimism coupled with a stiff upper lip characterise our home owning aspirations. But it’s about more than just owning a small piece of Britain isn’t it? When looking to make a house move the most important decision is often whether it is the right time for you and your family. After all owning a home is about bringing families together in a place that is entirely yours and which you can call your own. It’s not surprising then that our favourite room is the one that brings the family together each and every day.

Yes the kitchen heart of the home! From the beginning of time when our homes were caves and mud huts mealtime brought us together albeit not in a kitchen but our hairy ancestors did discover fire (I see this as a pre-historic equivalent) and not much has changed since. There is something intrinsically human about coming together at the beginning and the end of our day sharing with each other and being together.

This was made obvious in the feedback from our poll and across our Facebook and Twitter following. The heart of the home is where the family is. The same goes for some of the other popular choices in the poll like the lounge.

It is this human characteristic that is behind our valuation of the rooms in our houses which drives our home-owning aspirations and certainly our firm belief here at Miller Home’s that every family has the right to a place they can call their own.

By Sue Warwick - National Sales & Marketing Director Miller Homes