Why I am feeling postive!

This year my New Year’s Resolution is stay positive.  That simple.  Or is it?

Quite frankly no.  If this year is anything like the two (or even three) that have gone before it there will be plenty of people out to put a dampener on my positive spirits especially when it comes to the housing market.

For reasons that I will never understand there is a tendency in this country to talk down the property market.  No one stands to gain from a housing crash (not even first time buyers who actually need some movement in the market) but we seem to spend a lot of time convincing ourselves there is bound to be one and then nervously waiting for it to happen.

The property market shifts by a fraction of a percent and lo and behold the nation is on the brink of a housing disaster. 

But not me.  I will stand solid throughout 2011 and predict that the market will have its ups and downs but buying now will be a good investment long term.

As a country thanks to the recession and planning policies (or lack of them) the new homes supply is increasing at a significantly slower rate than the population.  Do the maths.  Sooner or later (unless someone in Government acts soon) there won’t be enough houses for us all and the age old economics of supply and demand will kick in.

However I said I would stay positive sohere is some good news to start the year.  Approvals for home loan mortgages increased slightly during November – according to Bank of England figures released yesterday (4 January.)

Yesthe number of mortgages approved for home purchases stood at 48019  - nicely ahead of the October figure of 47315.

I’ll drink to that – orange juice of course.  Well I didn’t say that my ONLY resolution was to stay positive did I?

Sue Warwick - National Sales & Marketing Director Miller Homes