A snow storm in a tea cup?

Some gloomy news to end the week it would seem. The number of homes changing hands in December fell to an eight year low - according to the National Association of Estate Agents.

However on this occasion I would like to thank the press for their honest reporting as even they realise that freak weather conditions were to blame.

And I should think so too! Recent reports show that last month was the coldest December for 100 years - and one of the coldest months seen in the UK since records began.

Some parts of the country saw temperatures falling to -19 nearly everyone saw some snow and great swathes of the population spent most of December under a foot of the white stuff.

I could use this opportunity to wax lyrical about the benefits of living in a new home in the British winter - but I won''t. I''ll give my views on the housing market instead.

Yes December was a quiet month for the housing industry but let’s not forget that the severe weather conditions hit everyone hard - especially the high streets and retailers.  Only yesterday Tesco shocked the City by reporting its worst Christmas since becoming Britain’s biggest supermarket.

We''ve got some fantastic deals for customers struggling to sell or raise the funds to get them moving - with more to come later this month (watch this space!)

Interest rates are still at an all time low and should stay this way for a while yet.

Plus there''s the age old problem of supply v demand - we simply don''t have enough homes in the UK to meet the ever growing population.

With that in mind I am tempted to say today''s stats are something of a snow storm in a tea cup. Yes the market is not without its challenges but there is a market.

If you don''t believe me - call us. We have solutions to fix most problems when it comes to buying and selling. Put us to the test - we love a challenge!

Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director for Miller Homes