Why downsizing often means upgrading

With September now upon us it’s time for change. Holiday season is all but over for most but perhaps more significantly some of you out there will watch as your kids fly the nest to university. It could be that the peace and quiet can’t come soon enough or perhaps you’re dreading the thought of your (not so) little one leaving for University life.

It’s this that got me thinking. Just how many people up and down the country have a spare room or two? There’s plenty to be said about just how expensive a house is to run and value for money is difficult enough to achieve without the odd spare room knocking around.

Perhaps the time has come to downsize? Now I’m no finance expert but selling up and buying a smaller new home will free up a pile of spare cash. And the beauty of this is that you’re free to do with it what you like. Take early retirement? Go on an extra special holiday? Buy a shiny new car? Or maybe just save it for a rainy day? All of these options are perfectly viable proving that downsizing your home could just mean upgrading your lifestyle.

From one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses we’ve got a huge number of properties available nationwide whatever your requirements.

As they say all good things come in small(er) packages.


By Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director – Miller Homes