A Lesson in Housebuying (and Selling)

You might well have missed it but yes summer has officially been and gone.  Before we know it the clocks will be going back and the bonfires will be lit.  In the meantime one thing is for certain - the schools are heading back and the roads are getting busier.

So whilst we wait and hope for an Indian summer we at Miller Homes thought we would embrace the “Back to School” sentiment with a lesson of our own.   And because we’ve been selling homes for over 75 years now (and rather successfully too) it made sense to give our blog visitors a master class in moving - tips from the top if you like.

Obviously A* students will already know that buying a house from Miller Homes is the easiest and best way to navigate the property ladder but in the interests of fairness all bias has been removed from this particular blog!

Tips for Buyers

1. Do your homework. 

- You can now see how much the house next door sold for at the click of a button through the invaluable http://www.nethouseprices.com/ and http://www.landregistry.gov.uk  Perfect for serious househunters as well as nosy neighbours.

- Property website stalwart http://www.upmystreet.com/ is also great for arm chair research but look out for the new kids on the block too like http://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk – ideal for getting to know what’s on and who’s about in your neighbourhood of choice

- Don’t just rely on your computer to give you a sense of the community.  Spend time exploring your des res.  Visit the street at all times of day – during rush hour at school drop off and picks ups in early evening when the kids are out and late at night when the pubs close.  Visit the local facilities too.  Ask yourself; is the playground a kiddie paradise or parental hell? Is the high street a community hub or a retail wreck?

2. Earn Some Housepoints

- Get your mortgage approved ASAP. You’ll come across as a serious buyer and have the edge if a rival bidder makes a move on your dream home.

3. Pay Attention to Detail

- Be nice to the vendor.  OK you are about to give them your life savings and then some but you want to end up with a clean house with light bulbs in all the right places.

- Present your offer clearly.  List details of your chain your mortgage status your solicitor’s details and your moving deadlines.

 Tips for Sellers

1. Do Your Homework

- Just like buyersresearch is key.  Don’t be tempted to push the asking price. Now is not the time to set a new ceiling price for your street.

2. Pull Your Socks Up

- Put right all those bits you’ve stopped noticing like peeling paint rotten wood and wonky windows.  You’ll just end up with cheeky offers if you don’t.

3. De-personalise

- Your home usually reflects your personality but chances are it won’t reflect a buyer’s. Cut the clutter and go back to a neutral colour scheme to present a blank canvas for potential purchasers.

4. Clear the Common Room

- Yes a kitchen is the heart of the home and yes a buyer will concentrate on this part so get it right but don’t let the rest of the house seem shabby in comparison.  It’s a fine line but a key one.

5. Play Swap Shop – For Grown Ups

- If you can’t sell your home and you’re in a rush consider Part Exchange.  I said this would be a bias free blog but it wouldn’t be complete without a small plug for MiSwap perfect for people who can’t wait to get moving.

Happy househunting all!

Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director Miller Homes