May Day May Day! Why now is the time to buy

Hands up if you’re sick of headlines about falling house prices and the property crash?  Us too.  Which is why news of rising house prices has been a breath of fresh air this year.
Now we don’t want a return to boom and bust – but we do want people to realise that property is still a very sound investment.  You see (and yes we have said this countless times before) the UK is facing something of a housing shortfall  and that will ensure property prices on average will hold their own.
As an industry we will continue to raise this issue but  until planning laws are relaxed and banks return to sensible lending levels the issue is somewhat out of our hands.
However something we do know is that now is pretty much as good as time to buy - as any. 
A few months ago only the “brave” were buying.  We did all we could to reassure people that the worst was over (as far as the property market was concerned) but many people were still reluctant to believe us.
Those that did got themselves some incredible deals on some amazing houses andI would imagineare feeling pretty smug right now.  It can’t be a coincidence that in the closing months of 2009  a staggering 98% of our customers told independent researchers that they would happily recommend us to a friend.
Now we are in the second quarter of 2010 and we can see a much wider sense of optimism in the market.  Certainly our sales centres are busy and our website is seeing very strong levels of enquiries.
People that delayed moving during the peak of the recession have had enough of waiting and first time buyers are really beginning to understand the advantages of shared equity – namely through “Homebuy Direct”.
As a result most of those that were reluctant to call the bottom of the crash at the end of last year  have called it quite happily now – which is why this May has to be about the best time to buy.  Prices are still at incredibly low levels and we’re about to announce some very juicy reasons for visiting us this spring. We can’t say much today – but watch this space!
PS: It is often said that those who dare win and I think this phrase will apply rather nicely to househunters over the coming weeks.  Sorry to sound cryptic but I am sworn to secrecy.  Save to say later this week we’ll announce some news that will be music to your ears especially if you’re after some summer sun....

Sue Warwick National Sales & Marketing Director - Miller Homes