Miller Homes' customers get the gold star treatment!

The housebuilding industry has agreed standards for customer service set out in the new Consumer Code for Housebuilders.  These ensure customers know what to expect and that procedures are in place in case of any grievance. Miller Homes are happy about the introduction of these guidelines which are mirrored in our own Customer Charter but continually strive to go beyond simply meeting the minimum requirements and instead give our customers something more...

We like to think of every one of our customers as a VIP that deserves the gold star treatment so we have developed a number or initiatives akin to having a team of staff looking after their every need.

MyMillerHome provides each and every Miller Homes’ customer with a personalised website for their new home. It gives 24 hour access to what’s happening with the property – regular updates on build progress explanations of the different stages involved and if chosen will send emails and free text messages with the latest news. It ensures that house buyers are constantly aware of what is happening with their new home – just like having a virtual PA!

We don’t forget about our customers once they’ve moved into their new property. MyMillerStreet acts like a social secretary in helping the new owners settle into their new community. The website allows neighbours to introduce themselves to each other and find out a little about them. It can also be a tour guide with lots of useful information about the locality – where the shops are and the nearest schools for example.

 Alongside the teams of sales advisors on developments the virtual team have ensured thousands of buyers have received the Miller Homes’ gold star treatment over the years. We intend to constantly innovate how we provide a first rate service to our customers – supplementing the personal face-to-face treatment from our on the ground teams with the benefits the latest technology can offer. In doing so our customers will always be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected extras and feel like a real VIP.

Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director