Ahead of the game - and proud of the fact!

The new Consumer Code for Housebuilders which comes into effect from 1st April is great news for the housebuilding industry. Developed by the National House Building Council (NHBC) in conjunction with the House Building Federation it provides an agreed code of conduct for all housebuilders and developers selling new homes. 

The new legislation will ensure that customers know exactly what level of service they can expect from housebuilders and that they receive reliable and factual information on any potential purchases.

We’re normally pretty modest at Miller Homes but we were very proud to read the details of the new code and realise that we’re ahead of the game in already fulfilling the criteria set out in our own Customer Charter.

The Code ensures that home buyers:

1.      Are treated fairly: Our Charter provides honesty and clarity and we follow the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations.

2.      Know what levels of service to expect: The Miller Homes Charter spells out what will happen at each stage of the buying process so customers don’t have any surprises.

3.      Are given reliable information upon which to make their decision: Miller Homes provides detailed information about their homes from layout plans to yearly costs before any contract is signed as well as a designated point of contact throughout the process to answer any questions.

4.      Know how to access speedy low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied: We have procedures in place to deal with issues and can advise on third parties who may be able to offer help.

Miller Homes wholeheartedly welcomes the code which we believe will bring greater consistency of service across the housebuilding industry and improve levels of service.

I’m sure we can all learn from it and as a result improve our own Charter for the benefit of existing and future Miller Homes’ customers into something to be even more proud of.

Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director