A 'Healey' good idea - at last!

You could almost hear the cheers from Miller Homes’ HQ today when we heard that the Housing Minister is to clamp down on councils that refuse to release land for housebuilding.  In fact a collective cry of “about time too” must have gone out from pretty much every new homes developer in the UK – us very much included.

 You see as an industry we have been targeted with building 3million new homes by 2020.  And this figure wasn’t just dreamt up either -  the country needs these homes to cope with a growing population and changes to the traditional household set up.

 Thanks to the credit crunch and the subsequent global recession we are already falling way behind on this figure and unless the Government does something and soon – we could soon be facing a serious housing shortage here in Britain.   It doesn’t take a genius to work out the long term effect that this will have.

 What none of us need therefore is lengthy bureaucracy and ever increasing stumbling blocks from the Public Sector.  What we do need is the release of public land for housing purposes – exactly what Mr Healey has called for at last.

Holding onto land now is only going to create problems for the electorate a few years down the line. Now is the time for councils to release their assets and I for one am glad that someone at a senior level has recognised this basic fact.

Will Healey be brave enough to challenge the housing mix we are forced to deliver too?  Is it deal – or new deal?!

Sue Warwick - National Sales & Marketing Director Miller Homes