If it ain't broken...

Grant Shapps yesterday announced that the Government would aid anyone wishing to purchase their own home by cutting red tape building more homes and encouraging shared ownership. He also touched on the issue of lenders’ reluctance to approve mortgage applications which is still hampering many when it comes to fulfilling their dreams of home ownership.
Finally he also wished to reassure that he is not going to (and I quote) ‘upset the apple cart’ that is HomeBuy Direct. With the future of Quangos hanging in the balance the freezing of Kickstart funding  and the promise of more cuts afoot I was both pleased and relieved to hear the news. HomeBuy Direct is the single biggest investment a Government has ever made to aid first time buyers and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal given the economy climate that has shrouded borrowers lenders and developers in uncertainty.
The news means that HomeBuy Direct allocations will continue to run until its course and that first time buyers can still take advantage of purchasing a home with no deposit with a mortgage of only 70 per cent of their home’s value.
I am heartened to hear Mr Shapps talk about his measures for aiding buyers to get a foothold on the property ladder but I also think that the future is very much an unknown and that we as developers will have to step up to ensure that the industry continues to grow and meet the needs of our customers.
Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director - Miller Homes