With Deposit Match you can double your money

Raising a deposit has long been a major hurdle for first time buyers as they attempt to get a foot on the property ladder.  No matter how quickly first time buyers have saved house price inflation has traditionally kept moving the finishing post further and further away.

If you live in Scotland one way around this problem could be to take advantage of the Miller Homes Deposit Match scheme which launched on 1st January.  The scheme will enable those who have begun saving for a deposit to double whatever they have saved up to 5% of the price when purchasing a house from Miller Homes.

The launch of Deposit Match follows Miller Homes’ survey of 3000 potential first time buyers across the UK designed to gauge their feeling on entering the property market. 17 per cent of respondents in Scotland said that they thought they would have to wait two to three years to purchase their first home with 11 per cent believing that they will never attain their dreams of owning their own property.

Crucially the bigger your deposit the better rates you can negotiate with your mortgage provider whcih means lower monthly payments and more money in your pocket.

What a way to start the New Year!