We have all felt the sting of this unseasonably cold weather with schools offices and even whole towns and cities closing down due to the icy conditions. We are being told by those in the know that we should expect more of the same not just in the coming days but every winter as climate patterns continue to change.

Combine this with the latest correspondence from energy companies warning their customers not to ‘overuse’ their gas supplies for fear that stocks are running dangerously low it begs the question how are we to cope with these conditions long term?

Did you know that new homes are more energy efficient than ever before with increased insulation higher specification heating and water systems and glazing the order of the day. These factors combined mean lower energy bills and fossil fuel usage.

Energy consumption has been high on the agenda for some time now and as a result housebuilders have had to change their working practices to ensure that they are complying with strict Government guidelines.

Those looking to purchase a home this year should consider comparing the savings available when purchasing a new home not only will a newer home save you money on energy bills but it will also stand up better against these harsh conditions helping to keep the family warmer. And if recent reports are to be believed we are set to endure many more sub-zero temperatures in years to come so better to take action sooner rather than later.

We have been warned!
Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director