"Twinterview" your Housebuilder before you buy!

For nearly all of us our home is the single most expensive thing we will ever buy. So we want to buy from someone we trust right?
Question is how do we find a company we want to do business with?  One that we would trust with our life savings and to provide us with a house we are proud to call home?
It’s not easy.  Word of mouth is obviously key (and that’s why we are so proud that 98% of our customers would refer us to a best friend) but if you don’t know anyone that has moved of late it’s still not easy to work out where to start.
This is where I think social media comes into its own.  It’s a vital tool for today’s house-hunter.  Not only can you get access to the best deals and offers as soon as they come onto the market – through following companies such as Rightmove on Twitter but you can also get a real feel for a company’s attitude to customer care by watching what they do online.  I don’t just mean their website either – I mean how customer focussed engaging and informative a business is.
The very fact that you are reading this blog suggests that you want to find out more about us as a business before committing to spending many £thousands with us.  And that is good.  Through our blogs you can learn about the market – and our take on it; get to know how we think as a business and what we are doing both for the industry and our customers too.
But you can dig deeper still.  If you want to get a better insight into a company today follow them on Twitter.  Ask yourself if they are all ME ME ME – or if they seek to engage people in a two-way conversation. Ask yourself -  are they literally telling the world what they are doing in 140 characters – or are they telling you what they are thinking – that might be of use / interest to you?
We are proud to be the first major housebuilder to have a blog (which we update regularly) and prouder still to have a popular Twitter feed which has provoked good discussion across the industry over recent months.
We believe in transparency which is why we publish our customer satisfaction scores online for the world to see.
We know how important word of mouth of is whether you hear about us in work in the pub on the radio or online.  This is why we won’t start celebrating until our satisfaction scores are 100% -and that’s why our customers can (and do) trust us too.

Sue Warwick National Sales & Marketing Director Miller Homes