Buy new and don't get caught in the cold

As news comes that the big six energy providers are to be hauled over the coals by OFFgem on pricing I am wondering when consumers are ever going to get a break.

Average dual-fuel tariffs have risen by £15 per household which makes it ever more galling to hear that energy companies reported a 38 per cent rise in profits last quarter. Fuel is a precious commodity that people cannot live without so as consumers prepare to feel the pinch with the pending VAT rise and many fear for their jobs as Government cuts kick in it is natural that people are looking for ways to curb spending and cut costs at home.

But is there any more that can be done other than donning another jumper?

New homes are built to the latest environmental standards and are up to six times more energy efficient than older style properties. The latest innovations in design mean that all of our homes benefit from wall and roof insulation low energy high output heating systems and double glazing to ensure that the heat is kept well and truly locked in.

Whenever energy companies make the headlines with their huge profits margins I can’t help but think of how greener homes can help to absorb some of the costs for householders or even generate enough energy to run a home self sufficiently. I genuinely believe that as the British winters get longer and colder Brits will increasingly look to green technologies to help them save big money when it comes to household energy.

In the meantime new homes are the best possible way to ensure you get the maximum out of your thermostat without breaking the bank.

Sue Warwick National Head of Sales and MarketingMiller Homes