Why MiWay is the right way

By Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director of Miller Homes.

Every week across the UK people experience the special excitement that is buying their own home.

Among them are the new homeowners who have been able to secure the property of their dreams with Miller Homes thanks to our shared equity scheme MiWay.

The scheme is proving extremely popular in addressing affordability issues and enabling people to get a foot on the property ladder.

And for that very reason we’ve put our money where our mouth is to make sure people know about MiWay. We’ve built on the initial success of our new TV advertising campaign by extending it into Scotland visit www.millerhomes.co.uk/tv to view the ad.

Interest has been significant and shows no signs of slowing with househunters feeling confident that now is the right time to invest in property and taking advantage of the opportunity shared equity offers them.

The evidence speaks for itself – MiWay is the right way!