Positive mental attitude really is infectious!

By Sue Warwick National Sales and Marketing Director of Miller Homes.

As Kahlil so beautifully put it “The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns”. We too have been busy spreading some rose petals with our brand new advertising campaign aptly named “The Optimist” and as it turns out people are hungry to look for those roses too!

We are now over half way through the first phase of the campaign and it is very interesting to take a step back and reflect on how we’ve been working to promote the positive message of shared equity and the opportunity it brings to potential home buyers. House builders are moving with the times to provide people with packages that still give them the option of buying a new home by addressing the key issue of affordability paramount at this current time.

The optimistic message that there is still hope for house buyers has been lapped up and I firmly believe that our campaign has given people looking to buy a house a real injection of positivity and confidence. If you don’t believe me we have cold hard facts...

Registrations to our website skyrocketed by 120% in the first week of the ad campaign – a figure to be truly proud of!

With figures like that it’s hard to deny that there is still a real appetite for people looking to buy a new home. It just proves that if the message and product is right people will respond