It's now or never!

It's now or never!

At Miller Homes we’re as keen as ever to maintain our positive outlook amongst all the doom and gloom reported on the housing market in the national media. And before we are accused of offering false hope or seeing the world through rose tinted spectacles we believe that our optimism is both realistic and fair. That’s why we really mean it when we say ‘now is the time to buy a new home.’

If you just take a look at the incentives offered by housebuilders today it’s true. New homes have never been this reasonably priced. Miller Homes alone is continuing to make homes affordable not only with our 75/25 percent MiWay initiative but also through the release of almost 630 properties under the Government’s HomeBuy Direct scheme – an initiative to help first time buyers and those in need of affordable housing to move into their own new build property by enabling them to take an equity loan of up to 30 per cent of the purchase price which will be co-funded by Miller Homes and the Government. Further information on HomeBuy Direct can be found at

It’s not just the money-saving deals and low prices on offer by developers that are helping with affordability either. The recent news that Northern Rock is to revive its mortgage lending and the latest cut in interest rates are just two items on a long list of initiatives that together are having a positive combined effect on market confidence. The Newcastle-based bank is expected to take on about £5bn in new mortgages this year and up to £9bn from 2010 - an optimistic step which we hope will encourage other lenders to act in the same way to help homebuyers achieve their dream property. 

Our optimism is warranted by the fact that not only is investing in bricks and mortar highly affordable with Miller Homes but many people still understand that buying a property represents a safer way to secure a long term financial future especially when compared to the uncertainty of the stock market. We therefore urge househunters to act now to secure that brand new dream home rather than settling for second best.