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Help to Buy*.

On every step of the property ladder.

You could only need a 5% deposit
to 100% own a new home

What is Help to Buy*?

Help to Buy* is a Government-backed scheme to help buyers secure a mortgage on a new build home. It means that home buyers can own a home with only a 5% deposit. And remember that this initiative is available to all buyers, not just first time buyers.

How does it work?

There are two schemes available, Help to Buy: Equity Loan* (available in England only) and Help to Buy: Mortgage Guarantee^. With Help to Buy: Equity Loan*, you’ll receive funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to help you secure a mortgage.

The Help to Buy: Mortgage Guarantee^ scheme works exactly the same way as any other mortgage except the government supports the lenders by providing a guarantee on part of the mortgage loans. This means the lenders can offer home buyers 95% mortgages. Under the mortgage guarantee scheme, there are no additional fees to pay the government and the property you purchase must be your only home.

These schemes have been designed to assist those who would be able to sustain a mortgage, but who cannot currently acquire one due to large deposit requirements.

Here's an example of the equity loan scheme:

Pay from only £104,000 now
Based on a £130,000 purchase price
  • 5% Deposit £6,500
  • 75% Mortgage £97,500
  • 20% Help to Buy Equity Loan £26,000

Help to Buy* offers up to a maximum of 20% of the purchase price through an equity loan funded by the English Government. The remaining 80% is then made up through a 5% deposit contribution and a 75% mortgage from a bank or building society.

The equity loan is available on new build properties up to a maximum value of £600,000 in England. Further information is available in the Help to Buy* Buyers Guide.

So Help to Buy* means precisely that.

*Help to Buy is available on properties up to a maximum value of £600,000 in England. If you qualify for Help to Buy assistance and you raise a mortgage for at least 75% of the purchase price of your new home from a lender, you can borrow up to the remaining 20% of the purchase price by taking out a loan secured over your new home from the Government's Homes & Community Agency (HCA) over a period of 25 years. A 5% deposit is required by the lender. More may be required depending upon circumstances and your lender's criteria. Help to Buy is subject to eligibility and terms and conditions. Terms and conditions apply.

The Help to Buy: Mortgage Guarantee scheme is available on properties in the UK up to a maximum value of £600,000. A 5% deposit is required by the lender. More may be required depending upon circumstances and your lender's criteria. Help to Buy: Mortgage Guarantee is subject to qualification, eligibility and terms and conditions. Miller Homes do not provide mortgages and applicants should speak to an independent mortgage adviser, details of which can be provided on request.

Find your new home

Help to Buy does just that for Amy and Michael.

Listen to what our customers Amy and Michael have to say about purchasing their new Miller home with Help to Buy.

Mortgage Calculator

Use our handy mortgage calculator to work out your repayment amounts. You can also calculate your options with Help to Buy, the Government backed equity loan scheme.

Our Offers

Help to Buy - on every step of the ladder.

Buy a new Miller home with just a 5% deposit, thanks to the Government backed scheme Help to Buy.

Home Exchange - Break chains that bind.

If you’re having trouble selling your present property, we may be able to buy it from you. Sign up to Home Exchange and in one leap you are free!

Deposit Match - Thrift Rewarded!

Sometimes, we give you money (okay, we know it seems unlikely). But we may match the deposit you’ve saved, up to 5% of the total price.

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